Whilst walking around the local area, the client saw one of our landscape projects she loved and thought the style would work brilliantly in her back garden.

She found her current space harsh, tired, uninteresting, and in need of a transformation.

I was delighted with the opportunity to create a similar garden with lush green plantings and textured paths.

The challenge I faced as a designer was incorporating the client’s desires into a small space without making it appear cramped and busy.

A beautiful vertically aligned spotted gum fence replaced the tired, dilapidated paling fence. It reflected the warm colour tones of the red brick home, rusty steel edging and pebble toppings.

The client loves spending most of her spare time in the garden; therefore, it was important to design the space with easy access in and around the garden areas.

A favourite tree of the client’s is the Ginko biloba reminding her of holidays spent in Japan.