Part of the inspiration for this garden resulted from a walk through the Port Fairy dunes. In and amongst the dunes, I came across rows of brightly coloured prostrate spring wildflowers and succulents acting as lines to break up the large expanse of sand. Sandy coloured boulders, seashells and seaweed contributed to the colour tones I used within the garden design.

Creating interesting aspects in a sizeable space with a deep slope toward the house was challenging but exciting. I decided to compartmentalise the space into areas of interest:

  • Rows of horizontal redgum timber sleepers with a selection of unusual succulents both in colour and form.
  • Mudstone boulders acting as erosion barriers for the slopping block.
  • Copper-leaf Leptospermum trees with an understorey of broad-leaf evergreen plants, fine grasses and ground covers.
  • Bluestone rounds surrounded by fine pebbles gave the garden some breathing space.