To describe the success of this garden is to praise the combination of minds, both garden designer and client. Passionate in creating a beautiful and healthy garden full of year round interest, bird and insect attracting ideas and manageable.

The blending of plant forms, leaf textures, tree heights and seasonal flower colours were important in the overall harmony and visual pleasure of this personal garden.

One of the most challenging spaces in this garden was transformed from a flat turf area with a central clotheline into a mounded native-inspired garden bed full of vibrant red  Angiozanthus flavidus (kangaroo paws). The outer edges included a contrast of ice-grey cotyledon succulents with drifts of bronzy green carex testacea and lomandra lime tuff grasses.

Feature spotted gum timber bench seats were made on-site and positioned in the garden to encourage the family to take a break and absorb the elements of the natural landscape.

The client was overwhelmed by the transformation and this was her comment:

“Now we can walk down to our beautiful garden with our grandchildren and watch them run around the path, sit on the rocks and smell the flowers. We are delighted.”