The design inspiration for this garden came from the client’s love of French provincial homes, furniture and gardens. The landscape design was a blend of symmetry and order with nature.

The space was transformed in a number of ways.

  • Harsh bluestone blocks were removed, which defining the original garden edge and replaced with contemporary steel edging of differing heights.
  • Changed the structure of the garden bed by utilising recycled red bricks to add height and dimension to the space.

The tree selection of  Pyrus calleryana capitals, were chosen to provide summer shade from the hot westerly sun and allow winter warmth into the home. Understorey plants included Rhaphiolepsis oriental pearl, Buxus japonica, along with Nandina lemon and lime hugging the borders.

To add a view and feature from the master bedroom, an eye-catching recycled red brick planter box was created. A gorgeous spring flowering Malus ioensis ‘Plena’ inside surrounded by rows of evergreen Hebe Emeralds.

Large swathes of fine-leaf couch turf allows the remaining space to appear open and inviting.