When entering this peninsula, coastal property one is overwhelmed with the size of the land dedicated to the garden. The architecturally designed modern home is a relatively small footprint in comparison. The brief was simply to keep the planting pallet indigenous to the area and paths to be used from natural materials.

The client was genuinely passionate about the conservation of her land. Particular attention was given to the health of the ‘Moonah trees’ which we pruned extensively to create a canopy for the introduction of understory planting. As the property has a magnificent view over Port Phillip Bay, I suggested dedicating this space to a fire pit whereby family and friends could congregate and relax while watching the sunset and the boats sail through the bay. Swathes of tufted grasses, helichrysum, westringia, correas integrated with recycled timber steppers, granitic sand paths, boulders and steel edging.