When entering the peninsula’s coastal property, one is overwhelmed by the size of the land dedicated to the garden. The architecturally designed home is a small footprint in comparison. The desire was to keep the indigenous planting pallet and access areas made from natural and or recycled materials.

The client was passionate about the conservation of the land, particularly the health of the ‘Moonah trees’. We discussed ‘raising the crown’ on the Moonah trees to allow more filtered light into the ground level. This then allowed for native and indigenous planting schemes.

With magnificent views over Port Phillip Bay, a flat space on the property line was dedicated to a fire pit, where family and friends could converse and relax while watching the sunset and boats sail through the bay.

Swathes of tuft grasses, silvery green Helichrysum, Westringia, Correas, Pomaderris, Sea box, Coast beard-heath and Rice flower, integrated with recycled redgum timber steps, granitic sand pathways, boulders and steel edging all contributed to the natural landscape the client so desired.