A tired, overgrown garden transformed with the key objective of introducing:

 ‘Beautiful and floriferous plants, herbaceous perennials and small trees with an abundance of colour and form’

As the client enjoys spending her free time in the garden, ‘pottering’, as she calls it, it was essential to consider the plant selection intimately.  Nothing too high maintenance, no big hedges or large trees, but enough interest for her to spend a few hours each day in the garden.

An array of summer and winter flowering evergreens with sweet-smelling flowers surrounded the perennials offering pops of colour throughout the seasons.

Michelia ‘bubbles’, displaying a stunning white cupped flower in the spring line the boundary fence along with butterfly and bird-attracting, Buddlejia purple haze selected for the front house wall.

Sambuscus nigra with its intense purple foliage and lemony scented pink flowers accompanied with Prunus Elvins for its upright habit and showy display of spring flowers became the accent points within the garden.

Synthetic turf was considered for a low-maintenance, mow-free ‘green’ space.